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At Frank’s Press Box we understand what it means to be a sports fan. Not only is it okay to cheer in Frank’s Press Box, it is encouraged! Check out the team pages for more info and for their game schedules.


See all the Lions games as Detroit rides its resurgence back to grid-iron glory! Every earth shattering hit you can feel and each booth review will get you on the edge of your seat. There are over 500 games in the regular season, and we have them all. You can catch them every Sunday, Monday, or Thursday Nights with our NFL Sunday Ticket!


The road to a championship runs through Frank’s Pressbox. We have all of the games, as we offer NBA Full Court coverage. When Lebron gets blocked by Dwight, or when Dirk gets juked out by Kobe, you’ll be so close you can hear the sneakers squeak. Only at Frank’s in Lansing and Okemos can you find such a complete sports coverage.


With every game available on 30 big screens, Frank’s has your Red Wings with some Buffalo Wings. Check out the wicked one-timers from near center ice; and cheer on your favorite player and team at Frank’s Press Box. We proudly offer the NHL Center Ice Game Package.


Watch the Detroit Tigers make a run for the pennant! Every day the boys of summer play, and every day you can catch them here at Frank’s! The view from the Press Box is spectacular—with all the games on OVER 30 BIG SCREENS so you can tell if it’s a slider or the heat. Can catch all MLB Games with MLB Extra Innings Package and as they say, never miss a pitch!


When MSU scores a touchdown or when MSU beats U of M, you’ll want to see it at Frank’s! It’s a great time to be a sports fan, and it’s a great time at Frank’s Press Box. With the ESPN Game Plan Package, you can see all the college football that the wife will allow. Watch games from all over the country on our 30 BIG SCREENS!


March is MAD at Frank’s Press Box! With all the games you care to see, be here to watch the thrilling upset of the year and to see plays that will be on highlight reels the rest of your life. Will the Spartans go deep into the NCAA tournament? Will the Wolverines be alive in the field of 65?

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